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The team at FCF Gold Coast are here to help you with your Fire Protection and Electrical Requirements. There is no job too small or large that we can’t help you with. We are part of the FCF National team – Australia’s 100% owned and operated Fire Safety Company – Australia’s Best Service and Best Value Fire Safety Company.

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What Gold Coast Business Owners Need to Know About Fire Safety

When it comes to Fire Safety, the onus is on the business owner to ensure that the workplace and / or shop has the necessary Fire Protection Equipment in place, as well as the appropriate fire safety procedures. All too often we come across business premises that simply do not comply with the Local Regulations and open themselves up to fines and even possible closure of the business. More concerning is the fact that staff and customers are at risk should an emergency situation arise. The bottom line is this: You cannot afford to neglect Fire Safety in Your Gold Coast Business.

The best time to fight fire is before one occurs. Well-thought out, systematic and proactive risk assessment procedures, Fire Safety Standards, and education eliminate many unwanted fires before they start. Then, add the provision of essential Fire Protection equipment, specific workplace notification and Fire Evacuation protocols in conjunction with clear escape routes, and you’ve managed to minimize the loss of your most precious asset, human life, should a fire occur that is beyond your control. For make no mistake, even when one’s emergency preparations and training are of the highest quality, accidents, mishaps and unfathomable acts of God still take place. This is why, in addition to education in prevention, response training, as well, is key.

Business owner leadership and initiative is critical to preventing fires, minimizing the impact of those that occur, and to preserving lives, property, and livelihoods. Every workplace is different, and needs to have its unique risks assessed, preferably by a professional working with Fire Services in the Gold Coast, who readily spots potential hazards that often are not obvious to the untrained eye. A strong, action-based plan for Fire Protection would include the following key objectives:

  • Identification and control of existing hazards
  • Training for employees so that they know precisely what to do in the event of an emergency
  • Installation of sufficient number of fire alarms to provide easy access anywhere fire may occur
  • Installation of, employee instruction in using, and professional maintenance of adequate number of appropriate Class (A, B, C, D, F, ABC) fire extinguishers
  • Clearly marked exits that unlock from the inside
  • Clear access to exits maintained
  • Provision of a posted escape route for all employees
  • Regular fire drills

There is no doubt that when employers take the initiative to comply with Australian Standards for fire, countless numbers of lives and assets are preserved. Creating a safe work environment also communicates value to workers and customers alike, maintaining a professional environment in your Workplace or Public Area. We here at FCF Fire & Electrical Gold Coast can offer you the very best Service and Value for money when implementing all your Fire Protection requirements. So call us today and discover a proudly Australian Owned and Operated Fire Safety Company that understands the needs of the Australian Market.

*Disclaimer: This Information is of a general nature and may not be specific for your situation. For professional Advise on Fire Safety for your Business Contact us Today

Electrical & Fire Protection Services

Fire Services

We offer a range of Fire Services to ensure Fire Safety for your Business. This includes the installation, servicing and testing of Fire Detection Systems and Fire Panels. These systems require regular testing to ensure they are fully operational.

Portable Fire Safety

Fire Extinguishers are one of the most important Fire Safety Equipment Items you can have in your Business. When it comes to Fire Extinguishers, We offer a complete Supply, Installation and Maintenance Service.

Electrical Test & Tag

An vital step to protecting your equipment and premises from electrical damage is to run an Electrical Tag & Test. This is so vital because it detects hidden electrical Faults before they happen.

Emergency Exit Light Testing

If you need Emergency Exit Lights or you notice yours seem faulty or flashing, we can supply, install and repair your Emergency Exit Lights to ensure Safety for your business.

Fire Compliance

We offer advice and service needed to ensure you comply with all the Fire Safety Standards according to your local council. This includes the servicing of Fire Safety Equipment, Fire Evacuation Diagrams, Fire Risk assessment and much more. We offer a complete service which covers every component of your Fire Safety. This also includes Baseline Data, which Queensland Fire & Emergency Services may require of your Business to ensure you are fully compliant. Contact us today to find out what you need to do to be legally fire safe.

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